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   The marketplace is full of poor performing commercial ice machines. Most buyers purchase what they need at the time, and nothing more. When the business grows the ice machine unfortunately does not grow with it. Thus being forced in most cases to buy extra ice, or worse yet having to purchase a larger machine in a short period of time. Purchasing ice is expensive to say the least, and buying a new machine might be near impossible.
  Performance on all ice machines is measured by ambient air temperature and incoming water temperature. Years ago a restaurant owner told us that he loved his ice machine except that it didn't make enough ice in the summer time or hot months and made too much ice in the winter. We have heard this over and over. Systems IV® has developed the ChillTech to be a very simple add on to existing or new ice machines. Designed to sit on the floor or attached via a simple mounting bracket to the wall or the side of the bin for additional support.

  Over the past 18 years Systems IV® has been perfecting the design of the ChillTech to best function in the demanding world of commercial ice machines. The ChillTech changes with the demands of our customers, so we love the feedback we get from ChillTech owners in the field. It brings us great joy to see how many satisfied customers we have all over the world, from Australia to Dubai to New York and beyond, the ChillTech is helping produce up to 20% more ice while lowering your kWh consumption, in restaurants, hotels, cruise liners, amusement parks and hospitals.

  And we're not finished. We have some new and exciting things happening with the ChillTech, some improvements and some additions to come. So stay tuned as our story is just beginning...




     "I was first introduced to the ice machine's waste coldwater-cooling-incoming-water concept many years ago. Intrigued by the fact that a device had no moving parts (and therefore, no maintenance). It used water that was going to be flushed down the drain to remove heat (cool) from incoming water, it made the ice machine "work" less thereby saving electricity, the time to make a batch of ice is reduced, it would produce larger batches of ice per drop and therefore less batches (and subsequently less repairs and extended ice machine life.) It was a "can't miss" opportunity, until I did a cost /profit analysis on the brand of chiller I was looking at. It did not fit our model.

    This project stayed on the shelf until I was introduced to the ChillTech. In addition to all of the above, their product fit into our profit model. Anxiously, I tested the unit in one of our hottest water areas of the country; Florida. It performed beyond my expectations.

    With all the advantages in mind, including the cost I was looking for, I quickly rolled them out to the majority of our restaurants where they currently reside, silently adding money to our bottom line.

    Fazoli's is expanding across America and currently operates 250 restaurants in 30 states."

                                                                                                                   Vito Vascasseno

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