We know that when deciding on a new product, especially non-traditional ones, everyone has questions that they want answered before making the commitment. We hope that some of these answers will help you in your ChillTech purchase.


How does the ChillTech save energy & money while making more ice?

The ChillTech 'catches' the ice machines just above freezing dump water and fills the main vessel. This dump water then sits on copper coils inside the unit. These coils are connected to the potable incoming water. Copper, being an excellent conductor gets extremely cold, 'chilling' the potable incoming water, significantly dropping the temperature of the water. This process speeds up the ice machines cycle times, thus saving you energy as well as money, while producing more ice at a faster rate.


Do the dump water and potable water ever mix?


The short answer, NO. To be more specific, the ChillTech has separate connections for the ice machines dump water and incoming potable water. The dump water fills the vessel, and the incoming potable water goes through a long coil of copper tubing, making it so the two NEVER mix.


How do I know what size ChillTech I need?


The ChillTech comes in three different sizes to work with any size ice machine. Just find out how many pounds of ice per day your machine produces. Then just go to the 'advantage' page where you will find all of your sizing needs. Be careful when sizing for Hoshizaki* machines, they tend to use more water making the sizing a bit different.


My 400lb ice machine never keeps up with my summer ice demands, will this get me the 600lbs of ice I really need?

With a 400lb ice machine in an area with an outside temperature of 90°and 70° incoming water temperature, your ice machine is probably only making about 330lbs of ice daily. The ChillTech will shorten your ice machines cycle time by at least 20% so you should get at least 99 more pounds of ice per day in this type of environment. Trying to get 600lbs of ice a day out of a 400lb machine unfortunately is impossible, but the ChillTech will get you up over the machines advertised per day production rate and that is on a hot summer day when you need it the most.

* Hoshizaki is a registered trademark of Hoshizaki America, Inc.

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