ChillTech Slim

•Specifically designed for small under counter ice makers & ICE/BEVERAGE Combination machines UP TO 600lbs/day cuber

• Designed for horizontal mount for space saving

ChillTech I (CTI)

•Up to 1,200lbs/day cuber (Hoshizaki* models up to 600lbs/day)

ChillTech II (CTII)

•Up to 2,400lbs/day cuber (Hoshizaki* models up to 1,800lbs/day)

ChillTech III (CTIII)

•Over 2,400lbs/day cuber (Hoshizaki* models 2,000 to 2,400lbs/day)

* Hoshizaki is a registered trademark of Hoshizaki America, Inc.

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